NK Vue ™ test kit Meaning

  • Assess NK cell activity has been proven to be a useful tool to examine the changes in the control of immune ( immunosurveillance . From there, NK activity can indicate signs of an underlying medical condition or an existing condition in the body tested.
  • NK Vue ™ (Researched and developed by ATGen Co., Korea, 2013) is a non-invasive test and intervention in patients, just 1 ml of blood is cultured in specialized environment to evaluate ability to secrete and eliminate foreign cells of NK cells in whole blood. If the test results show that the NK cell activity is low, this is a valuable base for the clinician to perform additional malignant screening exams such as imaging, endoscopy, biochemical test, pathology … to make a final diagnosis.
  • It can be said that low NK cell activity shows that the body’s ability to protect itself against pathogens is weak, incapable or being “defeated” by disease factors . This is one of the conditions for foreign cells such as malignant tumors, viruses to grow and cause disease in the body.

NK activity value & recommendations

NK cell activity and cancer

  • The activity of NK cells (NKA) is thought to be a consistent throughout feature in healthy individuals. Thus, the import activity is low, medium and high in each individual without much change until the pathogen develops. People with low cytotoxic activity have been shown in an epidemiological study to have a higher risk of cancer than normal people. Studies have shown that reduced NK cell activity is found in patients with dense, wide-ranging tumors, and this may be related to the development of distant metastases of malignant tumors. . Families with high cancer incidence showed a decrease in NK cell activity compared to controls.
  • NKA has been shown to decrease in breast, prostate, liver, lung, and colorectal cancer patients. In colorectal cancer, lower NK cell activity is associated with metastatic occurrence and poor survival. In prostate cancer, NK cell activity has been shown to be directly related to stage and severity, response to therapy and PSA values.
  • In addition, low NKA has been found in patients with autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and in patients with prolonged fatigue syndrome. In the elderly, low NK cell activity is associated with an increased risk of infections and comorbidities, while well maintained NK cell activity may help to increase life expectancy in the elderly.


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