What are NK cells?

NK cell is a type of natural killer cell which is abbreviated from the phrase Natural killer cell. This is a type of lymphoid that has an important effect on poisoning the natural immune cells.

This is a test that helps determine NK cell activity in the body. The purpose of this test is to help kill and treat and reduce the cancer’s ability to grow and spread. Not only that, NK cells also help prevent the possibility of aging, inhibiting the infection process caused by viruses, parasites, … caused.

In fact, NK cells were discovered in 1970 in the lymphocyte population. However, it took many years for their supernormal abilities to be recognized.

The meaning of the NK autoimmune stem cell activity test:

+ Determination of NK cell activity is assessed as a tool that plays a great role in examining changes in immune control activities. Thanks to NK test, doctors will easily detect and recognize signs of an underlying medical condition or existing condition in the patient’s body, thereby raising awareness of health and prevention. risk of disease development.

+ NK activity indicates the natural immunity, self-defense against pathogens and bacteria of humans tested, especially the ability to destroy and eliminate cancer cells. have chances to develop.

+ NK test is not invasive or intervention on the body of the person tested. It only takes a small amount of blood (about 1 ml) to be cultured in a specialized environment to assess the ability to eliminate and destroy foreign cells of NK cells in whole blood. In the case of a test that shows NK cell activity reaches a low threshold, this is a highly valuable basis for clinicians to appoint patients to conduct additional malignant screening screenings such as endoscopy. , imaging, biochemical tests or pathology, … to reach the most accurate conclusion.

Effects of NK cells

For the medical industry, finding and detecting NK cells is of great significance in the treatment of diseases. As the name implies, “natural killer” NK cells destroy and reduce tumors. Therefore, when it comes to the effects of NK cells we cannot help but mention:

  • NK cell immunity and suppression of cancer cell growth, development, metastasis.
  • NK cells have the ability to inhibit infections caused by viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi, …
  • Cells prevent aging in normal people.
  • NK cells help eliminate the risk of cancer remaining after treatment.

Regarding the mechanism of action of NK cells we can be divided into two cases. First, the cell immediately secretes the cytokine chemical proteins that “fire and attack” the body’s immune system. Second, NK immune cells secrete active ingredients that directly destroy tumors, along with virus-infected cells. Benefits of imported immune cells are not small. But for many people still cannot help wondering when to go for NK cell tests.

Which cases should and should not be tested NK?

– Candlestick:

+ The group of people at high risk of cancer like those over 50 years old; people working in toxic and polluted environments; subjects often abuse stimulants and smoke; a father, a mother, siblings, … had cancer.

+ The group of subjects who wish to have a health check, evaluate the body’s natural immunity against cancer, from which there is an effective preventive treatment method and improve health

– Should not:

NK test results may be skewed or have no diagnostic value if the testers are involved in one of the following cases:

+ Patients being treated for autoimmune diseases;

+ People who are using oriental medicine with unknown composition and origin;

+ Pregnant women;

+ Using Quinolon antibiotics;

+ Patients are using immunosuppressant drugs, drugs containing steroid components;

+ Patients with myeloma, myeloma or lymphoma leukemia;

NK cell testing procedure

NK cell testing is a relatively new technique in our country. Currently not all health facilities are able to perform this type of test. The testing process is quite quick, does not take much time. But to ensure accurate test results, patients should follow all instructions of the doctor. As well as following any doctor’s orders before, during, and after the test.

  • Immune System Testing program to check for virus and cancer screening, Genome technician will take 1cc of blood from patient’s body. Test results will be available after 07 days.
  • Immune Control Program: boundary technology will draw a blood volume of about 40 cc from the client.

Immune Therapy Program NK: technicians will collect about 200 cc of blood from customers, used for 6 treatments.

Immune cell NK testing is performed in certain cases. If the patient falls into any of the above cases, you can ask a doctor to be tested. Conversely, testing for NK immune cells may not be necessary.



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