Worldwide, about 8 million children (6%) each year are born with severe birth defects, 90% of which are in low-income countries. This means that the difficulties will multiply with the unfortunate families born to children with birth defects.

Spiritual and financial burden

Those who have become parents, they understand that their children’s great work, the greatest achievement in their lives. Therefore, no one wants their children had birth defects were born again or defect. October 9 date given birth in pain was not hurt by the remaining lifetime of families with children birth defects, this is a huge burden on the psychological, economic and social family.

Birth defects are also one of the leading causes of death in infants and young children in many countries. According to WHO, in Vietnam, birth defects accounted for 22% of the causes of death of children and is the leading cause of death in children under 5 years old in 2010. Children can survive physically handicapped or crystal god for life, is a major burden for the family, society and country.

However, at present, the rate is significantly reduced. It is thanks to the advances of medicine and the parents know more concerned about prenatal screening.

Prenatal aim for babies born healthy, intelligent …

Perform screening test during pregnancy not only detect birth defects, genetic disorders, metabolism before and after birth, but also avoid the severe consequences from other illnesses leave the infants out, greatly reducing the number of people with disabilities, intellectual disabilities in the community, contribute to improving population quality and meet the legitimate desires of the parents.

Prenatal program performed tests include blood chemistry and ultrasound for pregnant women first 3 months and 3 months between, to detect diseases related to hormonal, genetic disorder chromosome may in the fetus, such as Down syndrome (an extra chromosome 21), syndrome Edwards (excess chromosome 18), Patau syndrome (excess chromosome 13), defects of neural tube and allergies congenital other … Since then, consultations for family oriented responding appropriately as prepared mentally and financial plans if they continue childbirth or termination of pregnancy in order to protect children from these pressures disease and defective body.

Currently, the technical screening of prenatal advanced, are widely used in major hospitals in the US and countries around the world, screening noninvasive prenatal NIPT can help women know advance the health status of their children, with an accuracy of> 99.999%.

So, what is a non invasive pre-birth screening test for NIPT?

NIPT prenatal diagnosis is non-invasive screening test for some of the chromosomal aneuploidy most popular may affect the health and development of children. Tests can be made from very early on, from the 10th gestational week of pregnancy. Just take one test tube 7-10ml blood from the mother. Blood samples contain DNA free of the mother and fetus, but modern technology can analyze and determine whether any changes unusual, for example more than or less than the chromosomes of the fetus . Advantages of NIPT compared with other tests are non-invasive (no amniocentesis), do not pose a risk to the mother and fetus; can provide accurate information about pregnancy sooner and easier.

The mother pregnant with a desire to perform the prenatal diagnosis NIPT to be able to accurately assess the health status of their children, and there are plans to prepare timely mentally and financially before birth, fun refer the information at website or hotline 19004566 Genomes or 08 69185532

Genome is chosen for implementation of genetic testing and clinical genetics leading Asian, available in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam. Genome objective of supplying the tests have an important influence clinical decisions and improve health for pregnant mother and fetus. Genome providing evidence-based tests are physicians international accreditation and certification.

For more information about the Genome, tests and services of the company, you can visit the website: or direct contact with counselors through the telephone hotline 19004566 or 08 69185532

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