Open Letter

Open Letter


Dear Customer,

First of all, Genome Science, Technology and Services Co., Ltd would like to send our respectful greetings and thanks for the cooperation to our customers.

During the past time, we always try our best to provide our customers with the services of analysis, diagnosis of genetic diseases before and after birth, cancers like breast and chamber cancers. eggs, cervical cancer, lung cancer … best and quality, the most reasonable price. Our efforts are rewarded with the compliments, beliefs, and long-term commitment of our customers to Genome Science, Technology and Services Co., Ltd. as an address: PRESTIGE – QUALITY QUANTITY.

With the mission of bringing the best health care services to the people of Vietnam, Genome is constantly improving the quality of services, enhancing cooperation on professional training, thereby bringing customers the best services. best quality service.

By the continuous efforts and solidarity of all Genome’s staff and employees, Genome employees have been trusted and used by many businesses, customers and units. It is a reward for our efforts and efforts during the past time.

To continue sustainable development, Genome is committed to putting the interests of customers and partners first, always honest, dedicated and professional in its own products and services. In the future, Genome will continue to affirm and maintain the pioneering brand in the field that we are pursuing.

Once again, Genome Engineering Science and Service Co., Ltd. would like to thank our customers for using our services.

Wishing the cooperative relationship between the Company and customers, Partners increasingly sustainable development.

Special thanks!

Hotline: 1900 4566
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