The first trimester of pregnancy is the most important and complex period of pregnancy. The fetus in the womb at this time is still very weak, so the diet for pregnant women in the first 3 months plays a huge role, directly affecting the overall development of the fetus throughout the fetus. period. Therefore, pregnant women need to provide adequate nutrients for their babies during this period to best support the growth of the baby.

1. Nutrition for the first 3 months of pregnancy

* Always make sure your body is well hydrated

During pregnancy, paying attention to the quality of drinking water is very important to protect the health of the pregnant mother as well as the development of the unborn baby. Water plays an important role in metabolic transport between the pregnant mother and the fetus. Providing enough water helps nutrients, minerals, micronutrients and oxygen to be transported to the placenta faster and eliminates toxins, wastes created by metabolism. In addition to transporting and participating in the metabolism between the pregnant body and the fetus, water also plays a role in helping the mother’s digestive system become smoother. Mothers elected to drink water properly and adequately to make the process of defecation operate scientifically, in cycles, reducing the risk of urinary tract diseases and intestinal diseases. Edema is a common symptom in pregnant women, many women think that drinking more water will make the disease worse. However, that thought is completely wrong because providing enough water will help eliminate toxins out and reduce edema in the limbs. The common feature of women during pregnancy is that the condition is stretched, this is considered a top concern of women when it directly affects their beauty. Providing adequate purified water will contribute to improving skin pigmentation, limiting dry skin, stretch marks and acne.

1.2 What to eat in the first 3 months of pregnancy? Take fiber and vitamins

Nutrition during the first 3 months of pregnancy is very important for pregnant women because this is the period of morning sickness most and most likely to have a miscarriage. It is also the time when the fetus is best formed, so mothers often need to provide adequate nutrients for their developing babies. So in the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant women should eat for a healthy pregnancy, providing adequate nutrition and diet as appropriate. During this period, pregnant women need to ensure adequate supply of nutrients for the fetus to develop stably. The advice of experts, pregnant women need to provide about 300 calories per day to be able to gain 1-2.5 kg during this period. Rice, cereals, bread, vegetables and fruits are the best options for you at the moment. These foods also help pregnant women increase energy and limit constipation by containing a large amount of vitamins and fiber. Avoid stimulating foods that affect the fetus.

1.3. Limit cooking

For pregnant women who feel uncomfortable with the smell of food during this time, they should limit contact. Avoid leading to discomfort in the body, adversely affecting the health of mother and baby. You can ask family members to prepare food for the whole family during this time.

1.4 Eat more meals – important note during pregnancy in the first 3 months

Because the body needs a larger amount of nutrients to feed both mother and baby, you need to eat more meals a day, 5-6 meals. You should reserve snacks such as fresh fruits rich in vitamins, milk, biscuits because pregnant women are very hungry. Using formulas exclusively for pregnant women with nutritional supplements is an indispensable option during this time.

1.5 Dining selectively

Appetite is normal phenomenon of pregnant women. Many pregnant women are not interested in the first 3 months of pregnancy what to eat, what to drink in order to ensure the health of mother and baby eating leads to irrational, lack of science. Need to learn carefully what food should and should not take for yourself a healthy eating plan during pregnancy.

1.6 Breakfast is extremely important

One note the first 3 months of pregnancy is absolutely not skip breakfast. With ordinary people, breakfast which was very important, with more and more pregnant women are not to be missed. Episode eat dishes such as cereal with milk, cheese toast tongs to meet calcium needs.

1.7 Diversification of nutritious food for your baby

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, the mother should be noted regularly changing dishes. Through stem placenta, the baby will feel the taste of food that mothers eat, help children develop the ability to feel rich when it is 6 months old.

1.8 Additional iodine needed

Note the addition of iodine – a substance essential for the synthesis of thyroid hormone and affect the baby’s brain development. Parents should use all kinds of fresh seafood, seaweed, dairy foods are rich in iodine which mothers need added to the menu.

1.9 See your doctor for advice Nutrition

Consult your doctor if you have doubts about the safety, nutritional content of food. And advice on the first three months of pregnancy what to eat, what not to eat to have a real nutrition science.

2. Things to avoid when pregnant the first 3 months

Besides a reasonable diet, pregnant mothers should also know these notes first 3 months of pregnancy is important to prevent and avoid adversely affecting mother and baby health.

2.1 No medicines are used before pregnancy

The drugs that you used earlier may adversely affect the ability of fetal development. Therefore need to consult a specialist before using these drugs during pregnancy.

2.2 Wear high heels

The heels are things to avoid during pregnancy that the mother first 3 months of often overlooked. Pregnancy weight and center of gravity will change. The mother wearing heels will be very vulnerable to falls, which can lead to miscarriage. Use of slippers, shoes with low and sticking leg straps will help the mother to move easier. In addition, you should also wear comfortable apparel elected, spacious good for both mother and baby.

2.3 Shower, long hot bath

Things to avoid during pregnancy for the first 3 months pregnant mother that is avoided for too long soak or shower with hot water. The water bath temperature mothers should fit your body temperature. Hot water bath for too long is likely to lead to birth defects in children. The mother could use more products steam bath for pregnant women to increase the feeling of relaxation that needs to soak for too long in the hot tub.

2.4 Carrying heavy loads

During pregnancy, the mother needs to restrict carrying heavy loads or may have someone else do household. The map stooping and lifting every day more likely to lead to prolapse, dangerous for pregnant women. If the mother can elect or shopping at the market, it can be divided into two handbags are hand instead of carrying a heavy side.

2.5 Jogging

When pregnant, mothers need to limit physical activity too hard. If you’ve ever had a habit of jogging, you should switch to walking to avoid the risk of unintended injuries. Mothers can also participate in yoga classes for pregnant women to relax and improve health efficiency.

The first trimester of pregnancy is extremely important for both mother and baby. Ensuring adequate nutrition and preventing harmful agents will help the baby develop comprehensively and the mother is in good health for the time of delivery.

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