1- What is the role of NK cells in pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, a large number of NK cells are found in the uterine lining (uNK), these NK cells play an active role in regulating the effect between immune cells. The fluid here is balanced, which helps the woman’s body “tolerate” the fetus. In other words, the relationship between the pregnant woman’s body and the embryo is harmonized and “in harmony”.

On the other hand, the presence of NK cells in the uterus helps the invasive process of leaf embryos in the uterus’ uterine lining be tight, thereby supporting the formation of torsion artery ( is the main artery supplying nutrients for embryo feeding, especially in the early stages of pregnancy ”

2- How does high NK activity affect my pregnancy?

Excessive NK cell activity indicates an imbalance in the “mother’s” immune system, which makes the relationship between the “mother” and the fetus unregulated. From there, excessive NK cell activity can directly adversely affect fetal development due to the “strange” genotype factor inherited from the father and / or indirect imbalances that cause Other immune cells (such as T lymphocytes) have a chance to attack the fetus, resulting in miscarriage, usually at an early stage, before the 12th week of pregnancy.

3- Is my NK activity low and does it affect pregnancy?

From the role of NK cells to the development of embryos in early pregnancy, many studies show that low NK cell activity also affects embryo development, the integration of foliar leaves into human wombs. Maternal vascular formation and embryonic nutrition supply are not guaranteed. On the other hand, when the NK cell activity in the uterus is low, it causes the control of other immune cells including the inflammatory cells (Th17) to be controlled, making the inflammatory process more likely to occur. should the phenomenon of miscarriage.

4- Is the treatment of abnormal NK activity complicated?Depending on the results of high or low NK activity, combined assessment of general health status and other tests have been done. The treating doctor will assign you to use a simple, suitable drug to bring NK activity back to a safe level.

5- Is it safe to treat NK activity?Immunosuppressive drugs have a common ingredient and are widely used for many diseases. Use medication safely when you follow the procedure of the treating doctor.

6- What should I pay attention to when importing NK treatment?

– It is absolutely necessary to follow the doctor’s treatment regimen, not automatically increase or decrease the empirical dose or oral dose because NK activity varies from person to person and the dose is often different.

– Do not automatically add, add, or remove other drugs during treatment without a doctor’s prescription.

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