In addition to genetic factors, the diet of the pregnant mother must always ensure the main essential nutrients to provide for the fetus. If a pregnant woman eats certain foods, unhealthy food, the health of the fetus can be seriously threatened.

Here are some foods that can cause miscarriage and birth defects:


Crab is considered a good food for everyone to energize blood circulation and eliminate stagnant substances in the body. However, invigorating blood circulation can pose a serious threat to fetal health. Pregnant women should avoid eating crabs to prevent the risk of miscarriage.


Turtle has a positive effect on kidneys. However, it can also energize blood circulation, which can also cause miscarriage. At the same time, the “repulsive force” of the tortoise legs is much stronger than the tortoise meat.

Seed pearl

Pearl oil has the effect of stimulating the contraction of the uterus. If women eat pearl during pregnancy, it can cause the risk of miscarriage.

Condensed tea

Condensed tea is strictly forbidden to pregnant women. The fluoride in tea is very high. A cup of condensed tea contains 1.25 mg of fluoride. If women drink solid tea during pregnancy, they may be more susceptible to anemia, iron deficiency and the fetal nutrient supply process can be hindered, increase the pregnant woman’s heart rate and worsen. exacerbating the burden on the heart and kidneys, affecting the health of both mother and fetus.

The coffee

Coffee is very rich in caffeine. Excessive supply of caffeine to the body can lead to central nervous system stimulation. According to the study, every 300 grams of coffee contains between 50 and 80 mg of caffeine.

If you are pregnant, pregnant women who consume large amounts of caffeine (more than 4 drinks a day) will also increase the risk of miscarriage. To protect the fetus, pregnant women should avoid drinking coffee.


Alcohol can seriously affect the intellectual development of the fetus. Drinking a lot of alcohol can damage the fetal heart and brain. Scientific evidence has shown that using alcohol twice a week increases the risk of miscarriage 3 times higher than normal. Therefore, women should stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy

Raw eggs

Raw or uncooked eggs can be contaminated with salmonella and make it difficult for you and your baby. Salmonella can cross the placenta and cause serious infection or death in the unborn baby.

To ensure health, pregnant women should avoid dishes with uncooked eggs, such as salads, homemade ice cream, mayonnaise, etc. and whites.

Undercooked meat

The toxoplasmosis parasite has the ability to parasitize undercooked or undercooked meat, and can cause complications such as miscarriage, stillbirth and other symptoms especially if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy. Take care to cook meat and dishes to kill any kind of parasite that lurks.

Convenience food

Processed meats include sausages, pate, food stuffed … pregnant women eat too much meat can be harmful to the unborn fetus. In case of danger can cause toxicity to the fetus or lead to miscarriage.

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