We build international standards on health: environment friendly customers, medical services of international standards-based application platform the most advanced technology in the world into diagnostic services subclinical.

Polyclinics is leading international operations in Vietnam in the model international polyclinic – 5-star hotel, besides investing system equipment, facilities according to 5-star standards, we are particularly interested in the recruitment, training and fostering talents. With us, you will be visiting, examination, diagnosis and treatment directly by the medical experts in Vietnam and the world.

In the professional work environment, professional staff are Professionals, Medical Doctors, technicians … with high professional qualifications, experience, is trained in the advanced countries in the world world, always dedicated to education and particularly prestigious in the health sector of Vietnam will diagnose as a whole and in detail about health status, while providing useful advice for the care , your treatment.

The clinic is equipped with a testing system the most advanced generation, the results quickly and accurately, helping doctors diagnose the disease in time of the patient, to avoid misdiagnosis, misdiagnosis lead to unfortunate consequences. For example, 4D ultrasound machine to help early detection of diseases of the abdominal organs: liver, bile, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, bladder, abdominal tumors …; detection of vascular disease of the peripheral circuit congestion, vascular malformations.

Clinics are always updated information on new treatments using modern equipment, such as machinery, machine pulse with traditional medicine and western medicine are supported effectively treat liver disease.

Polyclinics we always understood that modern health care is a combination of accurate diagnosis, safe treatment with caring, considerate, carefully luong.Chung I always wanted direction to the goal of building a professional clinic, and humane quality in customer so the entire team of professors, medical doctors and clinic workers have been relentless efforts to learn rise building a reputable clinic and the most quality in customer.

Since this is a human care medical staff should not only extensive experience but also are trained to serve patients and their families with all your heart, true to the motto “All for disease press “the most prestigious clinics.

Come to our clinic you always get a smile, kindness, enthusiasm and dedicated guidance of staff, collective Medicine Physician. Along with modern equipment, the doctors will help patients and families better understand the cause and origin of the disease, how to prevent and cure.

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