A reasonable diet not only enhance the health of the mother but also the premise elect prevent the risk of fetal malformations. Especially with the following 15 foods, the risk of malformation of the baby can be reduced to 50%

As recommended by nutrition experts, folic acid and vitamin B12 in the early stages of pregnancy can help prevent up to 70% risk of birth defects involving the brain and spinal cord. Apart from taking supplements, natural foods are one source of safe and abundant folate for pregnant mothers. However, folic acid in foods, pregnant mother should know. Here is a list of foods rich in folic acid will be updated shortly. Do not miss it!

1/ Oranges

Not only rich in folic acid, orange also supplies a large amount of vitamin C and fiber for the body. If you do not like to eat orange, gourd can drink orange juice, a simple way to add the amount of water needed each day.

2/ Milk, dairy products

Referring to the milk and dairy products, the mother would vote immediately think of calcium and protein abundance. But the election has surprised mother knows this is also very abundant source of folic acid? On average, 1 cup milk 250 ml, mothers may elect additional 15 mcg of folic acid to the body.

3/ Asparagus

Is one of the vegetables contain high levels of folate highest, an average of 180 grams of asparagus can provide approximately 268 mcg of folic acid, meet daily needs 1/3 of elected parent. Besides, according to the study, asparagus also contains fiber and vitamins needed such as vitamin B6, B12, vitamin C, K, A …

Still good for health, but also pregnant mother should not eat too much abuse asparagus.

4/ Spinach

Compared to the dark vegetables, folic acid content in spinach is much higher. This is also the perfect choice for adding iron for pregnant women, because spinach also contain a quantity of vegetables significantly iron.


5/ Broccoli

No folate in spinach and broccoli asparagus but also the ideal choice for this dish daily menu. Just 1 cup of broccoli has 24% to meet the needs of the mother of folic acid per day election.

6/ Egg yolk

Concentrated vitamins A, D, choline and a lot of folic acid, egg yolk is the perfect choice, not only prevent birth defects, but also good for the brain development of the baby pet.

Not elected mother knows the great benefits of egg yolk

7/ Soybean

In relative beans, soybeans are kind of content most abundant folate. To take advantage of the nutrients from soybean, mother gourd can add soy milk, tofu … on their menu. Moreover, compared to other types of meat, the protein content in soybeans is not inferior.

8/ Potato

Besides the ability to prevent neural tube defects by folic acid, zinc in potato component also supports a lot for the development of brain cells to the fetus.

9/ Whole grain cereals

Breakfast perfectly good help absorb elected parent fiber, folic acid and a number of other important nutrients. Moreover, the grain can become nutritious snacks indispensable for elected offices mother.

10/ Avocado

Simultaneously providing large amounts of folic acid and omega-3 healthy fats, avocado is very good for the cardiovascular system of pregnant mother and baby baby’s brain.

The benefits and drawbacks when pregnant women eat butter: Butter is extremely rich fruits nutrients and very good for health. So, specifically, the use of an avocado is, and pregnant women eat butter good? Mother find out information later!

11/ Nuts

Mother should elect their players available for a bag of sunflower seeds, peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts … to sip while “sad mouth”. Not only helps to prevent birth defects, omega 3 fat content in the grain mass also contributes to the formation and development of nerve cells of the fetus.

12/ Okra

Is a dish quite “ordinary” but few people know the nutritional value of the enormous okra. Apart folate, vitamins and fiber in okra can help prevent constipation elected, strengthening the immune system and cardiovascular.

Regularly eat okra helps detoxify the body and digestive system support

13/ Roasted corn

In the composition of corn containing folate have a decisive role to prevent the risk of birth defects and miscarriage. Ingredients Folate is also effective in reducing homocysteine.Trong Meanwhile, corn is food rich in folate. During pregnancy if the mother regularly eat corn, the child in the belly will be protected folate, helps the body synthesize new and healthy cells, away from any unwanted risk.

In corn nutritional composition of a substance containing thiamine is essential for brain cells and cognitive function in the fetus. During pregnancy pregnant mothers eat corn, these substances will go into the body of thiamine, helps produce acetylcholine enhanced her ability to remember. That is also the way that mother will help me later on an adorable baby, mercurial formidable smarter people.

14/ Carrot

Carrots contain abundant vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin E, vitamin K. Carrots are also rich in water, fiber and are good sources of thiamin, niacin, manganese, potassium, folic acid … carrots help fetal development brain, eyesight, helped elect training seminar mother toxins out of the body to have a healthy pregnancy. Mothers drink carrot juice also helps cooling on hot days, avoid dehydration and increased amniotic effective.

15/ Celery

Often considered to be a great solution for kidney stones, but you know celery is also an excellent source of folic acid? Just one cup of raw celery provides about 34 mcg of folate, 8% of your daily needs.

Many food supplements to prevent birth defects will help you restrict a baby with birth defects. However, defects in the fetus also appear due to many factors including: genetic, environmental, … Therefore, the only way for you to proactively healthy child is screening early 10 weeks of pregnancy with prenatal screening noninvasive NIPT. This is the screening can detect early abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome, Patau, Edwards … fetus to parents could actively curb a baby with birth defects. For advice please contact: 19004566. GENOME delighted to support free advice for you 24/7.

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