The health of pregnant women has many changes in all aspects during pregnancy and after childbirth, so it is extremely important to take proper care of the pregnant mothers’ health.
During pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother has a lot of changes. Therefore, the construction and application of scientific, rational and thoughtful care regimes are extremely necessary, affecting the health of pregnant women as well as the fetus. However, not everyone knows how to take care of pregnant women properly. Therefore, we would like to share some knowledge and experience about maternal health care that readers can refer to below.

Regularly see your doctor regularly
How to take care of pregnant mothers properly
Regularly monitor your health and see your doctor regularly
The first stage of pregnancy is a period of great change for the health of the fetus as well as the mother. Therefore, pregnant women should monitor their health status and visit regularly to promptly detect health-related issues as well as malformations in children, thereby providing solutions. the earliest decision.
Improve morning sickness
Mothers should take more rest in the morning before leaving the bed, should not jump up suddenly affecting the health of themselves and the fetus. Sip on some junk food like cookies and raisins as soon as you wake up. At the same time, break down into meals during the day and add some foods such as ginger, orange peel, radish, … to limit morning sickness.
Protect mother’s sleep
Hormonal changes during pregnancy and anxiety can cause insomnia in the mother. To limit insomnia during pregnancy, absolutely say no to fried foods, fry fat before bed and instead of hot milk or tea.

Pregnant women should spend time to relax, massage

Ensure daily ration
When pregnant, pregnant women and their families should increase the pregnant woman’s diet by a quarter of the normal diet and divide it into more meals, in which the need for nutritious foods such as meat , fish, eggs, vegetables, milk, fruits, beans, … A balanced, balanced diet is the best way to take care of pregnant women as well as the fetus. It should be noted that pregnant women should not eat too salty, especially avoid using stimulants such as beer, alcohol, tobacco, … because it will adversely affect the fetus.
Create a comfortable spirit for pregnant women
Pregnant women need to sleep at least 8 hours each night and get enough rest to feel comfortable. Besides, the family needs encouragement and sharing with the pregnant mother such as doing housework, taking care of the first child if elected for the second time, the couple exercise gently like walking 30 minutes … Especially The husband’s encouragement is very important. Please take your wife to take regular prenatal check-up to help the family know if the fetus is developing normally and whether the mother has any disease or difficulty but needs support or intervention. Be a strong mental support for pregnant women during pregnancy.

How to care for pregnant women through every stage that pregnant women should know

Take care of pregnant mother in the first 3 months
To identify whether the mother is pregnant or not, the most reliable and convenient method is to use a pregnancy test. However, the most pronounced manifestations of pregnancy will appear on the fifth or sixth week. You should go to the doctor to determine your pregnancy status.
The first trimester of pregnancy is the most sensitive period of pregnancy because the fetus is still weak and the mother’s body begins to have hormonal changes and is trying to adapt to the “foreign object”. Morning sickness is a clear manifestation of the mother’s body’s adaptive efforts.
To improve morning sickness, pregnant women can sip on some junk food such as cookies or raisins before waking up and can rest for about 30 minutes after waking up before leaving the bed.
Meals should be broken up and moms can “get along” with foods like ginger, orange peel, radish …
She may always feel tired, want to sleep more, feel hungry frequently, and crave for certain foods. Other symptoms include an allergic reaction to a strange odor, a feeling of nausea, headache, dizziness and more frequent urination.
The first trimester of pregnancy lasts for the first 12 weeks from the day the egg is fertilized. Therefore, pregnant women should visit regularly during this period for peace of mind.
In the first trimester, she should eat a nutritious diet and have a scientific menu to stay healthy. Mothers should focus on iron supplements in their menu. Good foods for pregnant women include eggs with abundant protein, cauliflower rich in calcium and vitamins, fish rich in fat and omega-3. Fruits and vegetables should not be lacking.
She also needs to limit heavy work and keep her mentally comfortable. Although her body has not changed much at this time, she should not wear tight body clothes.
At the same time, the mother should also be equipped with skills to recognize danger signs during pregnancy at this stage such as bleeding, feeling minor pain or spasms in the lower abdomen. If you notice any abnormalities, you should see a doctor to be checked.
Light walking for the first trimester is also a good exercise for pregnant women during this time.

Take time to rest, avoid overwork

Take care of pregnant mother in the middle 3 months

Mothers should focus on nutrition issues in the middle 3 months.
Nutrition, antenatal care and prevention of some specific diseases that can attack pregnant women in the middle 3 months are things that mothers should vote during this time.
3 months between mothers need to supplement a large amount of nutrients, especially calcium to support the baby’s rapid development at this time. Omega-3, vitamin A are other nutrients that pregnant women should attach importance to helping children develop internal organs.
Some foods that are not good for pregnant women should be avoided such as: coffee, alcoholic beverages, sugary foods that consume calcium and easily cause gestational diabetes, MSG is also not mother food. elected should use much …
Some of the diseases that pregnant women may have during this time:
– Dental disease: Such conditions as root bleeding, gingivitis, tooth decay will be easier than ever. At this time, mothers should keep oral hygiene, gargle with warm salt water to prevent tooth decay and infection.
– Gynecological diseases: The change of hormones causes the natural environment in the vagina to change. This facilitates the invasion of harmful bacteria and causes inflammation. Therefore, pregnant women need to keep hygiene as well as early detect abnormal signs to treat if any.
– Pregnant women may lose sleep at this stage due to the large belly. To improve mother should sleep on the left side, drinking a glass of milk before bed is also a way to have a better sleep.
– The walking and exercising should also pay attention because at this time the mother’s body has grown larger and easier to lose balance when moving. The act of bending down or getting up should be done slowly. Mothers should put a pillow on the back when sitting. Also, do not keep a position for a long time to prevent blood flow.
– Stretch marks will also attack the mother at this time. Pregnant mothers limit them with coconut oil.

– Mom, finally, do not forget the exercise and exercise during this time.

Keep the spirit of comfort, optimism, fun for both mother and baby

Take care of pregnant mother in the last 3 months
The last trimester is considered to be the most annoying period in pregnancy.
At this time, the mother’s pregnant belly will lower and the baby will gradually go down to the pelvis. The reduction in bile secretion may make pregnant women feel tired, jaundice. Mothers may also have to deal with acne symptoms at this time due to hormonal changes.
At this time, the mother should perform a number of necessary tests to screen for a number of conditions such as anemia, gestational diabetes, streptococci … The examination also helps the doctor to understand issues such as abnormalities in placenta, fetus, amniotic fluid … for timely intervention in the upcoming birth of the mother.
Nutrition in the last 3 months also needs to pay attention to the mother has enough energy to overcome and provide enough nutrients for the baby to perfect during this period. Food groups that need to increase include: protein, iron, calcium, fat, vitamin C, fiber, choline and other minerals … Every day, pregnant women should get 1950 calories. Mom will gain about 7kg in the last three months.
Edema will be more severe during these three months of pregnancy. However, if the mother shows symptoms such as heavy eyelids, heavy legs, shiny skin, loss of wrinkles in the wrists, legs … then you should see a doctor.
Mom should continue to be active during this time even though her body has become quite heavy. Exercise not only helps pregnant women feel healthier but also helps pregnant women give birth easily.
You should also learn and learn the right ways to breathe when pushing your baby to support easy and convenient delivery.
Finally, pregnant women should check on hospital information, prepare for delivery and get ready to welcome the new baby.











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