1- What is NK cell?

– Is the immune cell (natural killer cell) that protects the body against external pathogens or malignant cells that appear inside the body.

2- What is NK cell activity (NKA) test?

– It is a test to assess the “capacity” of NK cells after being cultured in a specialized environment with the activating factors that help NK cells to “express” as much as they can when they encounter the Pathogen.

3- What is the import test?

– NK activity indicates the natural immunity and protection of the human body tested with pathogens, especially the ability to kill cancer cells to have the opportunity to grow.

Thus, with a result of NK activity below the safety threshold, this indicates that the person being tested is at high risk or is carrying disease-causing factors and needs to be examined professionally to detect diseases early or consciously improve health and prevent the risk of disease.

4. Who needs to do import testing?

– People at high risk of cancer such as: People over 50 years old, people working in the environment exposed to toxic chemical elements, people who have smoking habits, family members with fathers, mothers, siblings have cancer …

– People who have a need for health check-ups, assess the immune status of the body against cancer, thereby taking preventive and improving health treatment measures.

5. Do I / my loved one have cancer, does the NK test help? 

– Monitoring NK activity allows assessing the effectiveness, ability of immune system recovery of cancer patients after undergoing medical treatment.On the other hand, NK activity is particularly important and an indispensable tool to help oncologists decide whether or not to use immunocompromised therapy, one of cancer therapies. EFFICIENT, SAFE AND MOST ADVANCED TODAY.

6. What are the cancer screening tests worth?

– In most cancers, NK activity is reduced, especially solid cancers such as lung cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical – ovarian cancer. ..

7. How to get NKA test sample?

– NKA blood collection is done quickly and easily at any time of the day. The sample collector will use a special tube to collect exactly 1ml of your venous blood.

7. How soon will I know the results of the NK test?

– Normally, results will be available after 5-7 days from the time of sampling.

8. What are the delays in getting a NKA test?

In some cases, the NK value has no diagnostic value or falsifies the results

– Lymphoma leukemia, myeloma, myelosuppression.

– Are using immunosuppressant drugs, drugs containing steroids

– Use of Quinolon antibiotics

– Treatment of autoimmune diseases

– Using oriental medicine with unknown ingredients

– Pregnant.

9. Do I have to get tested often?

– Depending on the results of your NK activity at this test, the doctor will advise you how often the test should be repeated, for example:

• Your results this time are completely normal, you should continue to keep up the habit of moderation and just repeat this test every 1 year.

• The results this time hit a low threshold, you should adjust your routine, combine exercise and retest this test after 3 to 6 months.

• The results this time are low, you should check your overall health status and change unhealthy lifestyle habits, add necessary nutrients, use supplements as directed by doctor and check NK activity after 1 to 3 months or as directed by a specialist doctor.




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