* *The deformity of the fetus is something no one wants. So how to minimize that risk? How to keep the baby in the womb healthy?

Birth defects are an extremely dangerous complication that occurs during fetal development in the mother’s womb. Most birth defects occur in the first 3 months of pregnancy. These defects can be detected when your baby is not yet born, but there are many cases of disability identified only when the baby was born.

* If your spouse is trying to have a baby, it’s best to consult the following to help your baby stay healthy:

Plan your pregnancy

As known, birth defects usually occur in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Therefore, having a perfect pregnancy plan is very important. Within 3-6 months before pregnancy, women should be vaccinated against dangerous diseases such as rubella, flu … At the same time maintain a reasonable weight, eat science, as well as abandon bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol …

Periodic health check

Although you are pregnant or about to become pregnant, regular checkups are a very important thing. If you are planning to get pregnant, you and your husband must have a check-up to get a doctor’s advice on how to eat and drink, as well as the proper lifestyle to help conceive early. Taking folic acid supplements is very important, helping to minimize birth defects in the fetus.

Have a healthy, sensible diet

Women who are pregnant or about to become pregnant should eat 4 basic food groups of carbohydrates (cereals, rice, oats …); vegetables (especially dark green leafy vegetables); fruit (not using canned fruit juice); milk and milk products; protein (meat, fish) and oil (from fish or seeds).

Women should not eat too much. Should split the meal of the day and eat scientifically.

Quit bad habits immediately

Mothers who smoke, take antibiotics and alcohol will put the fetus at higher risk of birth defects. Therefore, when planning to become pregnant and during pregnancy, women should abandon bad habits.

Should exercise with moderate intensity

Exercise is always recommended for pregnant women because of its many benefits such as being healthy, being easy to give birth, and quickly regaining postpartum physique. Suitable exercises for pregnant women are walking, jogging, swimming or yoga. Avoid overtraining.

Reasonable rest

Fatigue is a very common symptom for pregnant women. How to improve? The best way is to get more rest. Women should spend enough 8 hours / day to sleep. You should rest for 30 minutes in the afternoon to feel most comfortable.

Add folic acid and iron

400mg of folic acid daily reduces the risk of birth defects in the fetus’s brain and spinal cord. About 30mg of iron should be supplemented daily to reduce the risk of anemia. For safety, consult your physician directly before supplementing.

Drink a lot of water

Obstetricians always recommend that pregnant women drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, including cooled boiled water, fruit juice and milk. Symptoms of dehydration are dark yellow urine. Drinking enough water during pregnancy helps the body maintain an increase in blood volume.

Do not be stressed out

During pregnancy, women should avoid pressure and stress. Stress will inadvertently adversely affect the development of the fetus. Women should avoid sad places like funerals, hospitals or visiting patients.

* What is more special of all is the noninvasive screening prenatal screening to ensure screening for birth defects:

In addition to preventing birth defects, many pregnant mothers are also interested in screening and early detection of birth defects to actively birth healthy babies. Now, with the development of technology, you can fully actively screen for birth defects as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy with the NIPT non-invasive screening method NIPT.

This is a test using a mother’s venous blood sample, completely safe for both mother and baby with extremely high accuracy. Compared to other tests of the same type, NIPT is also a noninvasive prenatal screening with a very low false positive index. Therefore, you can absolutely perform this test at an extremely affordable price.

Preventing birth defects is easier than you think, right? If you are interested in and want to perform a NIPT prenatal screening test, please call GENOME hotline at 19004566 for detailed advice.

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