Company introduction

Company introduction

Founded since 2017 Scientific Research Center under the Company Limited Genome Sciences and Genome Service is crystallized from enthusiastic group of doctors and young scientists. Under the guidance of Dr. Nguyen Dang Ton – Dean genome – Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology – Genome has brought customers a professional service, with quality of service ACCURATE – RELIABLE – FAST.

Genome activities in the field of distribution services in scientific research and application of DNA technology, genetic analysis, consultancy, technology transfer, training of human resources and cooperation of science and technology at home and abroad . With the motto of service genetics of the world to the people of Vietnam, Genome not only collaborated with Institute of Human Genome, the National Academy of Sciences of Vietnam, Medical University of Hanoi, Academy of Military Medical … Which also collaborated with leading analytical centers such as Genoma (EU), Theragen (HQ), BGI (HK) …

Besides, Genome invested machinery system equipment modernization to serve the screening – diagnostics, along with the advice of the leading experts in genetics clinical in the field of diagnostics prenatal diagnosis before embryo transfer, personalization in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, GENOME growing gradually, become one of the units of strategic studies at the forefront in the field of genetic analysis, application the most advanced technology in the field of genetic testing in Vietnam.

With passion, enthusiasm and youthful dynamism, Genome expand markets and to receive samples across North – Central – South, with a team of technicians receiving professional model, rapid and accurate.

We will bring to customers the most advanced services, most reliable, most accurate with security commitments, reserves and warranty for all tests done in Genome.

Hotline: 1900 4566
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