Fetal birth defects is no parent expectations. And so that the fetus healthy or not largely depends on the quality of the mother before and during pregnancy, so parents must be aware of the nutrients added to the mother during pregnancy because real fact that foods can also cause birth defects status for the unborn baby. Along learn the causes and how to avoid birth defects in the fetus in order to orient the best care for mother and fetus

1. Cause

– Pregnancy when you are sick

The checkup before pregnancy is extremely important. Based on health status, illness of the mother, the doctor will give the best advice for a healthy pregnancy and smoothly. If ignored this important step, the mother is still pregnant despite being susceptible to rubella, hepatitis, nephritis, …, the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, fetal malformation screaming saved or fetus is very likely to occur.

– Stress

During pregnancy, pregnant mother should try to relax and rest as much as possible. Often live in anxiety, fatigue and stress can lead mothers elected to the risk of depression during pregnancy, thereby affecting negatively the baby in the womb, from the development of the physical to the psychological and location Property.

– Use your own medicines

Whenever signs of cough, cold and flu during pregnancy, sore throat or fever during pregnancy, she elected to go visit for safe prescribing. Medication can not specify a negative impact on the development of the fetus, the most serious is the risk of birth defects. Absolutely not arbitrarily medication during pregnancy without your doctor’s permission.

– Drinking habits

Alcohol is forbidden foods during pregnancy, even a small sip. According to the placental blood, alcohol in wine quickly cause damage directly to the fetus, causing premature birth, miscarriage or stillbirth. Mother drinking while pregnant also seriously affect the development of the baby psychology later.

Smoking habit

Apart from drinking, smoking during pregnancy also have a complete ban. Miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, malformation children chew and many other pregnancy complications are consequences if elected mother maintains this ugly habit during pregnancy.

Lack of prenatal care

Antenatal care is a prerequisite to vote mother owns a smooth pregnancy, healthy. Vaccinated before pregnancy, supplementation with folic acid 3-6 months, will help you prevent birth defects efficiently.

2. How to prevent fetal congenital malformations

– Folic acid supplements early

All women of childbearing age should take folic acid supplements for at least 3 months before pregnancy. Folate deficiency that causes a range of birth defects and neural tube defects (the most popular of these is allergic spina bifida) in the fetus. These defects occur very early in pregnancy, even before the mother can recognize her pregnancy to timely folate supplementation. Even the first prenatal visit (usually around week 10) also was too late to save the situation.

– Clinic, health advice before trying to become pregnant

Doctors also recommend that women of reproductive age when considering pregnancy should seek money pregnancy due to the health care of mothers before pregnancy increasingly demonstrate the importance for health being of both mother and child. This also makes sense particularly for mothers with chronic diseases earlier.

– Do not drink alcohol before and during pregnancy

Some birth defects can completely preventable infection is fetal alcohol syndrome (or fetal alcoholism syndrome). Alcoholism for mild fetus can cause problems with intelligence and behavior, severe can cause serious malformations and premature death. So far, there is no limit alcohol consumption deemed safe for pregnant women, so it’s best to avoid alcohol completely and drink alcohol during pregnancy.

– Stay away from tobacco, whether active or passive

According organized March and Dimes, if all pregnant women are isolated from tobacco (whether smoking active or passive), the rate of miscarriage is reduced by 5%, the rate of low birth weight by 20 %, the preterm birth rate declined by 8%, the rate of stillbirths dropped 11% and neonatal mortality rate decreased by 5%

– Health Protection good mother during pregnancy

Please consciously take care of yourself, have a healthy lifestyle and encourage regular exercise to stay healthy, your health is the health determinants of love.

– Avoid contact from environmental toxins

The chemical has long been suspected to cause birth defects in the fetus. Therefore, to ensure the future of your children, you should avoid exposure to maximum chemicals, including chemicals used in everyday activities. If you work in an environment forced exposure of chemicals such as cleansers – hygiene, in the factories, mills or the studio, always use gloves, masks or respirators and systematic ventilation guaranteed. Mothers working in the medical environment also need special care due to frequent exposure to chemical disinfection.

– Healthy eating

Good nutrition is one of the decisive factors for a healthy pregnancy. You can research on specialized diets for pregnant women, but the general advice is that you should eat a variety of healthy foods and limit processed foods industry. Also, pregnant women should also take extra vitamin supplements for pregnant women.

– HPV virus control

HPV, although not cause birth defects fetus but is related to the ability to increase the risk of preterm birth when the brain and the lungs of the fetus are not fully developed, and the consequences are born babies can suffer brain and serious lung. Estimates that 50% of men and women who are sexually active are infected with genital HPV each at some point in their lives.

– No arbitrary special medication during pregnancy

During pregnancy, all medications you use must be a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology specialist prescribers carefully (you need to know your therapist is pregnant to be prescribed appropriate). Even with medicines for common diseases do not need a prescription, your doctor should be allowed to be used is not harmful to the fetus.

– Genetic examination

The cause of most birth defects is difficult to determine, but if your spouse’s family has a history of birth defects, a genetic diagnostic test that can help analyze the risk of birth defects can be a test. useful for you. Results of genetic evaluation can help doctors advise about the risk of birth defects for your spouse to make decisions about pregnancy and childbirth. In order to detect and identify the causes of birth defects and diseases in the fetus and newborn, right from the 10th week of pregnancy, pregnant women need to be examined and performed non-invasive screening before birth according to the doctor’s instructions. Doctors at health facilities with obstetric specialties or contact 19004566 for Genoma staff for in-depth advice on NIPT noninvasive screening.

– Rest and relax

Research shows that mothers who are severely stressed during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to a deformed baby. Stress is also associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, abortion, premature birth and infertility. There are many ways you can reduce stress, such as exercising and yoga regularly.

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