Genome activities in the field of distribution services in scientific research and application of DNA technology, genetic analysis, consultancy, technology transfer, training of human resources and cooperation of science and technology at home and abroad.

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Screening Non – Invasive Fetal Malformation

Nipt is a pre – invasive test that does not invade the most advanced, nipt recognized by fda&clia recognition of the condition of testing and accuracy of the results of thường syndrome.

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Analysis Determination By Surge Chromosome Sequencing Generation 2

PGT-A, or screening genetic deviation multiple chromosomes (chromosomes) before embryo transfer for the case of performing IVF, is a genetic test carried out on embryos during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF ). PGT-A will provide information about the genetic health of embryos, by screening abnormalities on all 23 pairs of chromosomes

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Assess NK cell activity has been proven to be a useful tool to examine the changes in the control of immune ( immunosurveillance ) . From there, NK activity can indicate signs of an underlying medical condition or an existing condition in the body tested.

Quantitative HBV; HCV

Hepatitis B HB ) is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV) that affects the liver . It can cause both acute and chronic infections . Many people have no symptoms during the initial infection. Some people develop rapidly when they are sick with vomiting, yellow skin , fatigue , dark urine and abdominal pain.

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Our Doctors

Doctor: Nguyen Đang Ton
Head of genome research department - Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

With years of experience in researching and applying the new generation gene sequencing technique in noninvasive prenatal screening

Mr. Minh
Emergency department

Emergency specialist enthusiasm, dedication to the job with years of experience in the field.

Mr. Thi
Scientific laboratory

Specialty testing has helped many people discover and timely medical treatment.

Khoa nội

With 12 years of experience in the emergency department, helped many patients get rid of danger.

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